How Bees For Life Works  
"Bees for Life: World Apitherapy Network" is  an international voluntary organization of professionals and lay people who seek to promote the therapeutic use of bee products: honey, wax, pollen, beebread, propolis, apitoxin or bee venom, drone larvae, and royal jelly.
We provide emergency assistance with apitherapy intervention, information, and product contacts, as well as links with bee product suppliers around the world.

Natural disasters, wars, and famines leave large populations of human beings and animals at high risk: dehydration, malnutrition, open and infected wounds, diarrheas, parasitosis, infectious diseases, ulcers, skin injuries, burns, pain, and other sequelae.
Apitherapy and beehives are an immediate answer to the need for vitamins, proteins, antibiotics, oral rehydratants, anaesthetics, antiseptics, cicatrizers, topical healers for wounds and burns, tissue preservatives, immunostimulants, and other healing resources.

Members of Bees for Life are scattered in most countries and are willing to give a hand to the needy and to aid organizations local, national, international, governments, non-governmental organizations wanting to help needy victims.

Bees for Life will keep a network contact list with telephones, addresses, and e-mails, as well as website links to other agencies and organizations.
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